We currently have one CFA school of ministry in Nepal. Presently our students are nationals from different tribes in Southeast Asia. Many of them are the only Christian in their family and it is difficult for them to raise support to go to school.

Most of them are not able to afford their tuition fees, so we try to provide scholarships for those who cannot pay their lodging, food and tuition, because we see the importance of raising up national ministers and leaders.

To train and send a foreign missionary is awesome, but it is very expensive, time consuming  and comes with lot of challenges. Our goal is to raise, equip and send native missionaries. These radical followers of Christ will take the gospel to the tribes and nations that has not yet heard the good news. They already know the language and the culture and with some spiritual training, they become extremely effective.

CFA School of Ministry is one of the most important investment we can make, if we want to see Asia reached with the gospel.