In Nepal there are not many elderly homes. Most older people are taken care of by their families. The problem is that some families do not care for their older family members. So they are often left to care for themselves.

Over the years, many older people have come to Sudip and asked him for food and a place to stay. But he was unable to provide help immediately. His first experience was in 1994 when he saw an elderly woman that was dragged out of her home by her son and kicked out. It was hard to see elderly women without food or a place to stay. Many times old people suffer because nobody take care of them.

Although we wanted to start an elderly home for some time, we knew that we needed someone to come alongside us and help us with the financial part. In February of 2007, we had Jan and Tor Inge Vasshus visiting us in Nepal. After witnessing the state of the country, they wanted to help us start an elderly home. So in the spring of 2007 we were finally able to start an elderly home and help take care of some of the older people that were in need. Currently, we have a few older ladies staying at the elderly home. They are taken care of by a younger couple who graduated from our Bible College, Prem and Gauri. Prem and Gauri cook, take them to the doctor, and help them with whatever they need.