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Here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions. Lot of questions are probably answered as you visit different pages of this website.

Yes, Compassion For Asia is registered as 501c3 non -profit organization in the state of Florida.

Financial accountability, integrity, and stewardship are of upmost importance to us. The ministries we work with on the field abide by strict regulations. They have very detailed and extensive accounting. There are finance manuals that every ministry department on the field must follow. For example, each time any amount of money is received, the field staff there have to sign a document stating how much they received, when they received it, and for what purpose it was received.

There are also systems in place to comply with legal requirements of the countries to which we send funds. Some of those systems include transferring funds solely through approved banking channels. Audits are done annually.

Yes. CFA is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501c3  of the Internal Revenue Code.

Off course you can make financial contribution to one of our ministries need.  You can pray for us, join short-term mission team and volunteer group.

You can sponsor a child for just $30.00 a month. Support for one child will provide food, place to stay, education, clothes, other basic needs and lots of love and care.

$30 does not cover all the expenses of one child. It takes $150 per child per month to provide for all their needs. Our children live at the children home, we have a nanny to take care of the youngest ones and people to cook the food. 10 years ago, $30 was enough, but not anymore.

Compassion for Asia’s goal is to reach each person with the gospel of Jesus Christ and reach the entire 124 languages/ tribes in Nepal and South East Asia through sending national missionaries and plant the churches.

Join us to impact eternity with Gospel and reach the un-reached. We our goal is to support $ 50 a month.

We are looking for those who believe the Lord has called them to go to the most unreached areas to evangelize and start new churches. It is not a job. It is a calling. Our commitment is to then train and send out these men and women and to support them any way we can in their work.

Churches in those places support their own missionaries. In fact, most Christians in Nepal give a greater portion of their income to missions. Churches in Nepal are primarily made up of the poor—those who are among the one-fourth of the world’s population living on just a few dollars a week. Since they frequently lack cash, they tend to give things like chicken eggs, rice, fruits, goats, vegetables.

Follow the giving instruction at donation page on the right side of page or in front page.  Let us know if you find difficult.

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Yes. For contributions sent by mail, you will receive a paper receipt. For contributions made through  We are working on to put giving plan that you will automatically receive receipts via email.

CFA has no staffs. All the work in USA is done by volunteers.

Our primary work is focused in Southeast Asia, especially Nepal and India.

Nepal is in between India and China. It is sovereign nation. Mt. Everest is in Nepal. Christians are often persecuted and It is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Compassion for Asia

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Compassion for Asia

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