Merry Christmas 2023!

Merry Christmas!  We are so grateful to our families and friends. 2023 has been such a crucial year for all of us. There are so many things the Lord has done. We are grateful for all His work. You have believed and supported us; we are so grateful for standing with us. We want you to know that we pray for you, and you are in our thoughts always. Thank you once again. As we celebrate the most crucial day in history, the birth of Jesus. We use this day to evangelize the reason for Christ’s birth. Christmas is a special time for us because of Jesus Christ’s birth for humankind’s salvation. His redeeming plan is through His son, Jesus. It is a joyful time for everyone.

Annual leadership conference 2023!

Compassion for Asia completed a three-day annual leadership conference in the first week of November. We all come once a year to get updates and refresh ourselves. Many of us share our blessings and what God has done over the year. We had great seasonal local leaders and international speakers share with us. One of the speakers was Pastor Shivaman, who is 90 years old and shared his life. He has been in ministry for over 40 years. Excellent to hear from him. He was the first believer in his village. Today, there are over 500 fellowships in his districts. We have 150 pastors and leaders from Tibetan regions and other parts of Nepal and northen part of India.

CFA School of Ministry

CFA School of Ministry plays a crucial role in nurturing, equipping, and empowering emerging leaders to serve in their respective callings. Students come from various parts of Nepal. They are living with us for the next few months. Each day, there are regular classes. They are equipped with God’s word and deep knowledge of Him. This learning time will impact their lives and ministries in the long run. Be praying for them.

Baptism at Mahima felowship in Northen Kathmandu!


We celebrated the baptism of Suntia and Nabin this week ! A couple have decided to walk into the kingdom of God. They took to water baptism and are born again as the new creation. Pray for their walk with God.

Renovation project completed!

Renovatation of old children home building!

We are fixing the old children’s home, such as Re-doing and strengthening the foundations of the building. Re-building all the walls on the first to the third floor. That means retrofitting pillars by doubling their sizes. We are so excited that we will finally be able to use this building again! This renovation work might take a while before we complete it. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, such as fixing drainage, plastering, plumber work, toilets, showers, etc.

Landslide and flooding around children home continues..!

For the last few weeks, it has been raining nonstop. The heavy monsoon rain is causing massive flooding and landslides in different parts of Nepal. Unfortunately, the areas where we live are no exception. Yesterday the wall close to the old children’s home fell. It happened during the daytime, and thank God no one was hurt. Currently, this building is used by our elderly people, and we are currently working on moving them to a secure location. We appreciate your prayers that the rain would stop and for the favor that our neighbors will fix the problem with their wall that collapsed. We are happy that the children are safe and dry in the newest building (except the boys who choose to walk out in the rain here

Monsoon flooding around Mahima children home!

As you all know, the summertime is also monsoon time in Nepal, and for several years we have been struggling with flooding around the children’s home building. This is because all of our neighbors have elevated their properties to 20-30feet more than the original properties. This makes all the rainwater drain to our property because we are on the bottom before it goes out to the main road. Please be praying for the neighbours and the fund to fix the drainage situation.
Here is a short video where you can see the amount of water flooding through the garden and property and also through the first floor of the building

Hosting our frinend Mark !

As the country opens, We can have our families and friends visit us. This month, We have hosted my longtime friend Mark Spitsbergen. We had our first meetings together in 2006 and have been ministering together in Nepal since then. This time he ministered in two of our local fellowships in Kathmandu. After the sessions, we traveled together with some of our leaders to Dhading Ganga Jumuna village municipality and did a two-day leadership meeting for pastors and leaders. It was so beautiful to see so many receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and speak in unknown tongues. Pastor Mark preached for two full days, and I translated both days. In addition, a handful of older kids who grew up at Mahima Children Home also came with us Fule is one of these kids. He also joined the meetings and is actively serving God in his local village. Ram joined us for two days. He, too, has grown up in the children’s home and now works in for the government of Nepal.

Pastors and leaders seminar in Kanchanpur!

Seeing many pastors and couples from the south-west and north-west come together with pastors and leaders from India was beautiful. Spending three days with them was beautiful, teaching, preaching, and praying for them.

The Lord did a lot of healing and miracles in these meetings. The seminar was refreshing for many pastors and leaders.