Second corona wave hits Nepal

Nepal is going through a second wave of Corona and an incomplete lockdown. Older children and staff at children's homes in Kathmandu have tested positive. Many believers and pastors are in Quarantine and isolation. Each day around 9000 peopleā€¦

New place of worship in Tarhara,

Pastor Bhim and his church believers talked and prayed together for this day to come for long time. When your congregation has a location for prayer and fellowship, it makes a vast difference in not having to carry instruments and other equipmentā€¦

Happy new year 2021!

Bye Bye disrupted unusual, year 2020! All our schedules were interrupted. It affected our everyday activities, work, and fellowships. In all these things, God will work for our good because you and I love God. What a experience ! Welcomeā€¦

Celebrating the birth of Jesus-Christmas

As the year is about to end. We are so gratefulĀ  to our families and friends. 2020Ā  has not been easy year for all of us regardless where we live.Ā  In the midst of all this, You have supported us and we are so grateful to you for standingā€¦

Present situation in Nepal

The other day, Ball ram (name changed) called me and told me that his family is running out of food supplies. He does not have a job. He has been raising some chickens during the lockdown. He told me that he is not able to sell them in the market.ā€¦

More drainage pipes installed!

Eight more new drainage pipes are installed during the heavy monsoon rain season this summer. ThankĀ  you lord for the provision and We will put more as the Lord provides. In the last three months, Monsoon has caused some damage to the children'sā€¦

Humanitarian help continues...

After 85 days of lock down Nepal has started easing it. Schools and public places area still closed. Slowly life will be normal soon.Many people live in rented rooms with their families. When there is no income they have no way to pay the rentā€¦

Corona and Nepal !

For many choice is simple.Ā  Where is our next meal coming from? Many people in Nepal made enough wages for a week or more and less.Ā  This plague seem slow moving. It might be months before every thing is normal again. Government hasā€¦

Living in such a time like this!

I am reminded with our experience that We went through a huge disaster five years ago. 7.9 hector earthquake the effect was 8900 people losing their lives, hundred -thousands of houses ripped off, damaged and permanently destroyed. Uncountableā€¦

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21 What a great time of the year again to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Let your heart be filled with loveā€¦