Welcome !

Welcome to Compassion for Asia (CFA) new website. Thank you for opening this page. I am super excited and been waiting for this. It was time for us to say bye bye to the old one. This website is updated, informative and current one.  I believe this latest website will bring us closer with news, blog, latest ministries updates and will give opportunity for you to engage and partner with us easier. You will easily be able to find a page you are looking for.  Our work is growing. Our ministries include church planting, Bible School, Children homes, Senior citizen home, NGO with humanitarian work. It takes a group of people who are committed praying, partnering and making financial contributions to be able to do all those work. Thank you for everyone for joining the for the Kingdom cause.  Our mission is to advance and expand His kingdom in Asia. Our goal is to see Asia be saved.    I especially would like to thank Mathilde for helping us with new website.  I hope that this will be easy for you to connect with Compassion for Asia work.