Annual Leadership Conference 2019

We just hosted our annual pastor and leadership conference. It was a great time with renewal and refreshing for people who work in very difficult areas in the world. The leaders and pastors from all over Nepal and India participated for three days. There were over 80 pastors. It is always great time for us to see all people who work with us.

After the final meeting, Couple of TV journalist arrived on the neighbor property.  Someone had invited them to let them know that we were having Christian meetings. We have anti-conversion law. People have complained against Christian meetings and put false claim about converting people. The other issue Journalist came to see was completely pulling down the mud by neighbor.  Our two American friends (who had been soaking during the meetings) had to rush up to our apartment at the children home and wait there until the journalist had left. They came last hour of the three-day conference and we all ended up safe.

This is not the first time that a journalist has come and then the police, to arrest pastors and leaders and to send foreigners out of the country. All on the basis on a complaint. We believe that God timed this perfectly for our protection so that the journalist came just a few minutes after the meetings were over.

We appreciate your prayers while living and working in a country where we have less and less freedom to be a Christian