Corona and Nepal !

For many choice is simple.  Where is our next meal coming from? Many people in Nepal made enough wages for a week or more and less.  This plague seem slow moving. It might be months before every thing is normal again. Government has two solution that are recommended to people social distancing and lock down. Poor countries like Nepal is not ready for this type massive challenge.  Corona effected numbers are going up. Before Corona, the majority of the people have already little. Everything is still close, and people are inside their homes. People, especially living in cities, are effected the most. Many people rent a room with a family and live. People that were working everyday wages have lost their job. That means no more money coming. Restaurants, hotels, private businesses all are close for a good while. Everything is close. Church believers have called the pastor and told that they do not have money to buy food. Both Children’s homes are doing OK with supplies. The elderly home is fine. Some church believers and the community around them need help. We will not be able to help everyone but the neediest who needs rice, lentils, salt. We are helping with basic food. We are taking these opportunities to share the Love of God through action. Food prices have gone higher and higher each day. People fear more starvation and famine then Corona. We are trying to help a community around both children’s homes and neighborhoods most basic.
I know many of you have a tough time, and there are need regardless of where we all live. Some of you have asked how to help. If you like to help, here is the link. Please make sure to mark your donation with with specific note.  We so thank full to you all. You all are in our prayers.