Present situation in Nepal

The other day, Ball ram (name changed) called me and told me that his family is running out of food supplies. He does not have a job. He has been raising some chickens during the lockdown. He told me that he is not able to sell them in the market. No one wants to buy them because of the fear of corona. His wife has a job in the school. All the education institutions are still closed. She has not received a salary since the beginning of March. The school authority told her that there is no income, and she cannot be paid compensation because students’ parents refuse to pay the fee. It is six family members, with two kids, parents, and grandparents. It is a familiar situation for now. We have been helping people with humanitarian relief and aid. People ask us for food such as rice, lentils, and beans. The problem is getting desperate. There are so many who ask us to help them.

The government has lifted the lockdown. Kathmandu’s primary income is from tourism; hotels, restaurants, businesses are still affected. Regular church service is resumed. Cell groups and house fellowship continue as usual. Transportation is open each day with even and uneven numbers. A covid-19 number continues to go up.