Second corona wave hits Nepal

Nepal is going through a second wave of Corona and an incomplete lockdown. Older children and staff at children’s homes in Kathmandu have tested positive. Many believers and pastors are in Quarantine and isolation. Each day around 9000 people are tested positive, and death tolls are recorded around 200. We have already lost a few of our ministry network friends.
Schools, religious worship places, and public gatherings are closed. Hospitals’ beds are packed, and the health minister said that they have given up. They have run out of oxygen and are not getting enough help, even when severely sick. The government has appealed for retired nurses and doctors to be back at work with the increased number of Corona patients. Grocery stores are open during the morning for two hours and are closed the rest of the day. All the rest of the stores are closed, and movement is greatly discouraged. Our children’s home in Kathmandu is affected by the Indian variant of Coronavirus. Many of our people are in quarantine and isolation.