January-February 2018

Happy new year to You.  January has been a great start for us. It has been an amazing month. I used to think and dream of traveling and speaking in different places. Yes, God literally answered my prayer. My friend and President of
Messenger College, Randy Lawrence, invited me to speak for three weekends at the Encounter Conference at
Pentecostal Church of God. The first weekend I was in San Diego at Concord, the second weekend I was in Galina,
KS and third weekend, I was in Indianapolis. Each Sunday, God opened the door to minister in local fellowships.

Khadka January 2018

Khadka Nov-Dec 2017

Every day is Thanksgiving day. I am extremely thankful to families and friends for the relationships and friendships. Thank you so much for your prayers, support, contributions, and partnership with us and the ministries. I am who I am because of your prayers and am able to do what I am doing because of your steadfast and faithful support! Thank you once again on behalf of Compassion for Asia ministries. Please read more…Khadka Nov – Dec 2017