February 2021

Pictures are worth a thousands words. This month's newsletter is full of pictures than words or stories. Every pictures are full of stories. We continue to work to see His kingdom advanced. Please to read more click the PDF file...Khadka February…

January 2021

Happy New year to you! Wow! we all made it. Regardless what has happened last year; The Lord is still in control and in work. Here are updates from recent weeks. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them…

November-December 2020

Wow ! We have few more weeks before this year is over. It has been different year for all of us regardless where we live. Tourism, travels, jobs and so many other thigs have been effected because of the Corona.  We like to thank you so much…

September-October 2020

Roads  are opened after long six months lockdown. There has been lot of rain also. Our people have stood firm during monsoon rain, which caused a lot of flooding, landslide, and damage to our people's homes and fights fear and consequences…

July-August 2020

I hope that you are doing well. Here is our latest update on ministry and us. Can God use difficult situations and turn them into blessings in our lives? This season has created challenges and opportunities. Read more...Khadka July - August…

May-June 2020

Corona has effected all of us regardless of where we live or work. Our prayers are with you. I hope you are doing well. Have faith and trust in Jesus. This season will pass away. Definitely, nations have been shaken...Khadka May-June 2020

March-April 2020

I hope you are doing well. There is no better time than this to stand on our ground and declare the victory that the Lord has given us! This all will pass, and the Lord definitely will fight for all of us...Read more Khadka March-April 2020

January-February 2020

Can you believe we are already at the end of February 2020! I have a thankful heart to God for last year. Each month was filled with challenges and opportunities. Read more...January February newsletter 2020

November 2019

In October I, Anne Lise, attended a conference with focus on how we can work together on eradicating orphans. How I got there is a story on its own and it was clear that God’s hand was in it. For the last few years, Sudip and I have been…

September 2019

Here is recent updates on children homes. There is a lot going on. We are able to move the second  children home out of Kathmandu, working on stairs at first children home. Read more ...September 2019 Khadka Newsletter