More drainage pipes installed!

Eight more new drainage pipes are installed during the heavy monsoon rain season this summer. Thank  you lord for the provision and We will put more as the Lord provides. In the last three months, Monsoon has caused some damage to the children’s home area. Neighbors leveled the mountain last year and pulled a lot of mud. There is no proper firm boundary to stop mud going downward and the drainage systems. The rain brought a lot of dirt in the pathway, and children home and flooded. Some of the first floor rooms, toilets, and shower rooms flooded. Our people worked day and night every time; it rained to ease the water flow. Thank God that No one was hurt, and everyone is safe. Now water is going through the pipeline. We will need to put another twenty more of them. Thank you for your prayers.

Continue rain causes flooding and landslide in a different part of the country. There have already been 150 deaths because of flooding and landslide in Nepal.